IT Support
The role of IT Support Providers is to ensure that your business technologies are running as smoothly as possible. Even small business IT support needs to encompass the monitoring and managing of your systems, ensuring that they’re always up to date. But that’s not where Solid Systems’ IT support solutions end. To us, IT helpdesk support is about more than just maintenance. That’s why we help you beyond simply ensuring that your existing technologies are maintained. Our IT support and services extend to managing your vendors, ensuring your business’ security, and advising on the best possible technology services and solutions to help your company meet its goals. Our IT helpdesk support consulting firm even keeps your teams trained in the best ways to use your existing technologies.

ICT systems are an integral part of any business and are often neglected, not on purpose but out of frustration, as ICT can be complex and time consuming for the untrained eye. Why worry about this if you have Yagnaa Soft to do it for you? We offer the following solutions:

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Instead of having an in house IT department you can always outsource it. That encompasses all the services of: Onsite IT Support, Remote IT, Support, Telephonic IT Support and Managed IT Services.

Yagnaa Soft offers professional IT management and support of network infrastructure systems for SMEs and large corporate clients. IT support solutions will be structured to suit your specific business requirements.

Yagnaa Soft’s SLA facilitate a combined proactive and reactive approach. This way you are afforded peace of mind that your IT environment is up-to-date, consistently available, more stable, and secure. IT matters are handled in the quickest time possible, ensuring maximum uptime.

SLA will entitle you to:

  • Unlimited IT support for a fixed monthly fee
  • Includes al monitoring and maintenance
  • Includes scheduled onsite appointments
  • IT related meetings
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Unlimited ad hoc all outs
Onsite IT Staff

Permanent onsite IT staff on a full day or half-day basis.


Adhoc/Pay-as-you-go onsite support

No contracts – only pay for IT support when you need it. This will be handled on a first come first serve basis. This option may be preferred by smaller clients with a simple IT infrastructure set up. This is mainly a reactive solution to deal with IT problems as they arise. In most cases this could have been prevented, if you were a SLA customer.



Remote support is available to SLA customers free of charge. Adhoc customers will receive 4 minutes per call free of charge. Thereafter normal labour rates apply.

Useful for faster IT problem resolution and performing proactive system maintenance. These Services Includes

  • Remote Software Support for Servers
  • Remote software Support for Workstations
  • For more complicated problems that cannot be rectified remotely, and appointment will be made for a support engineer to provide on-site assistance.


  • Rapid response times
  • Reduce system downtime
  • Quality customer care and support
  • Increased client staff productivity
  • Efficient, Affordable, Safe and Secure
  • No travelling time means lower costs and less time wasted
  • Convenient where on-site visits are very difficult, possibly due to location of client
  • When logged on remotely, Yagnaa Soft can quickly identify the problem and make a skilled decision, therefor limiting downtime.
  • Fewer calls and shortened call lengths
  • Transparency between user and support staff. Client is able to witness and better understand the added service provided and thus the service value.
Server Support
  • Network and WAN management
  • High-level server support
  • Server administration and software maintenance
  • Software patch updates
  • Directory services administration
  • Manage file and print services
  • On premise and hosted Exchange administration
  • Scheduled preventative Maintenance
  • Complex fault finding and troubleshooting
  • Security management – firewall, virus and spyware updates
  • Backup management
  • Optimisation of server performance
  • Server virtualisation setup and management
  • Software installation and configurations
  • Installation and implementation of attached hardware
  • Management of hard drive resources – prevents storage issues & server crashes
  • Disaster recovery
  • VPN setup
  • Workstation Support / Desktop Support
  • High-level desktop support
  • General desktop administration and user support
  • Installation of peripheral hardware
  • Installation and configuration of legal software
  • Software patches and security updates
  • Complex fault finding and troubleshooting
  • Virus and spyware management
  • Optimisation of desktop performance
  • Desktop standardisation throughout organization
  • Data migration
  • Printer issue resolution
Network Support
  • Network administration
  • Isolation of bottlenecks and associated problems
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Router and firewall configuration
  • Wireless LAN setup, management and support